Dec 30, 2013

Words Ending In J

Is "Words with Friends" your favorite word game? The only way you can be the ultimate champion of any kind of word game like Scrabble, is when you have a very good vocabulary in English. For many of the Scrabble players drawing a letter j is more likely to inspire fear than any joy. The letter j contains a score of 8 points in Scrabble and 8 points in "Words with Friends". This makes tile j the highest scoring letter in "Words with Friends".

But sometime the inability of a player to the make words that end in j renders the usability of the letter. If you know some of these words ending in j then you could definitely win any word game. If you research thoroughly this page you will find that there are many words in the English dictionary with the word letter j.

3 Letter words that end in J

4 Letter words that end in J

5 Letter words that end in J

6 Letter words ending with J

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